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About Us

About Us

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Exen claim for Intel Inside 2012 online campaign

We are a small company. We have big ideas. We work to the best for them.

We started winning many filmmaking talent contests, mainly in USA, working from Italy. Today our creative roster counts over 300 creative and film awards, with three departments working for international global partners.
Most of the top-brands that have chosen our services, are joining us for long-lasting partnerships.

Our case histories:

  • sony


    We won the Sony Twilight Football filmakers contest and went in South Africa to collaborate on 2009 Sony Exmor world campaign. Exploiting that experience we won the CMO Grand Prize 2010, representing South Africa nation brand in the Fifa World Cup held there.

  • epta


    Epta Group, leader in commercial refrigeration, called us to shake a market dominated by institutional advertising. We collaborated together to create the Decalogy of Eptology, a fresh comparative campaign that had a smash in Euroshop 2011.

  • ht


    After a dozen awards on an american commercials platform, General Electric contacted us for a project in partnership with National Geographic. We worked with Edelman NY and Poptent to achieve the goal.

  • adobe


    We won an international contest for Adobe telling a story of eccentric italian farmers. Selected and awarded during the Cannes Lions 2011, we planned a campaign based on eccentric people around the world using Adobe Suite.

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